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Ninja Gaiden Prototype!!!

Console NES
Type of Video Game Cart
Game Developer Tecmo
Year of Release 1989
Certification Number -
Grade Wata
Wata Box Grade
Wata Seal Grade
Variant N/A
$50,000.00Or Best Offer


Ninja Gaiden Prototype!!!

Ninja Gaiden Prototype! Contains differences from the retail release including language in the cut scenes Nintendo required to be censored before it could be released (i.e., “hell” and “damn”). In an effort to ensure that the ending of the game could not be seen prior to the retail release, a feature was built in where you cannot access the final boss battle and instead are sent back to the opening credits. However, the boss battle and full credits are in the data saved to the rom. Various differences with the retail release truly make this a unique item and piece of Nintendo history. It is also really neat that Tecmo put forth the effort to make a unique label for this amazing classic as most protos are just the name of the game printed and then glued or taped to the front of a plain cart.

Please understand that prototypes are either one of a kind or one of only a couple or few and they VERY rarely come up for sale so they are extremely difficult to price. As such, I welcome offers and am willing to work with you on price so don't hesitate to put in an offer and we'll go from there. I have multiple listings and would be willing to do discounts for multiple items purchased so please contact Dan if that's of interest. I've been collecting for over 20 years and am a well known collector in the community so rest assured that any ungraded items are indeed authentic and please don't hesitate to ask for more info. If I didn't buy it graded originally I didn't get it graded as these protos are too rare to chance shipping them back and forth and then getting damaged or lost. I had no interest in risking damage or loss of my protos and paying absurd prices to authenticate them when they are well established as legit was pointless. I'll be happy to provide provenance if you have any reservations with any of my ungraded items.

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